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Feast Your Eyes on 30 Minutes of DUST 514

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Developer CCP debuted 30 minutes of DUST 514 footage as part of a keynote at its EVE Fanfest event last night. The footage shows off everything from the game’s lobby system right through to its interaction with PC MMO Eve Online.

While the gunplay looks decent, it’s the cross-platform integration that’s really the star of the demonstration. Skip three quarters into the video and you’ll witness a couple of DUST 514 players requesting air assistance from a PC player. Obviously this is a controlled demo, but it’s pretty staggering how well it all seems to work.

We still think CCP’s got a long way to go before it’s able to properly convey why PS3 owners should be excited for another first-person shooter, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

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pikku said:

Yeah, the most interesting thing about this to me is that it's free. Is there any 'fine print' such as maybe one has to actually have an EVE account in order to call in air strikes from them? anyway, It looks pretty dang impressive and since it's F2P, i'll definitely get it day 1 :3



dgwdum said:

im pretty sure it works like every other free online game out there. you have to buy credits to buy the best weapons,armor,etc..

im not really feeling this game, it looks too generic.



Splat said:

@dgwdum - That is not what they said in the video "It is not a pay to win game. There is no micro-transaction that you can do that gives you an unfair advantage over someone who hasn't paid anything." Let's hope they hold to that.

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