With ambitious titles such as DUST 514 on the horizon, Sony is really pushing the concept of PlayStation Network as an open network. The most recent example of that comes in the form of Battlefield 3’s latest patch, which will allow players to rent and maintain their own servers on PS3.

Renting your own server will allow you to set up game parameters how you see fit. We’ll let DICE’s Ian Tornay do the explaining:

Want to enable friendly fire? Done. Want to only allow spawning on your squad leader? Make it happen. Like health regeneration, but not 3D spotting? You get the idea. Your server, your rules. And if you want to keep things exclusive put a “bouncer” out front; give your friends VIP status so they can cut to the front of the queue when joining, or keep unwanted players out by banning them.

There are several pricing schemes available for server rental, ranging from a single day at €1.49 right through to 90 days for €59.99. Tornay does warn that DICE is expecting big demand for this service, and it will be “ramping up capacity as the week progresses”.

You can get the full lowdown on Battlefield 3’s latest patch over on the PlayStation Blog.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]