Shortly after putting a big bloody bow on the original Dead Space, Visceral Games started work on a new title called The Ripper. The title was being designed for HD consoles – like the PlayStation 3 – and starred London’s most mysterious murderer, Jack the Ripper, working as a vampire hunter.

The project was never properly announced, but was heavily rumoured, and we’ve finally got our first glimpse of the title courtesy of former Visceral concept artist “Joebot”.

The image shows a moody shot of Victorian London, with a well dressed figure armed with a walking stick in the focal position. That'll be ol' Jack then.

Sadly, like the Ripper himself, the project's destined to stay in the shadows. Given the success of the Dead Space franchise, Visceral’s attention is firmly fixed on the fate of the intergalactic miner Isaac Clarke. Still, there’s a definite space for iconic murderers in popular culture, don’t you think?