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Tretton: "I'd be Very Distracted by PS4 Announcement"

Posted by Sammy Barker

SCEA boss not thinking ahead

Jack Tretton’s clearly been reading our Talking Point features. The SCEA boss recently made a comment to IGN regarding his stance on the PlayStation 4. Unsurprisingly, the executive's not looking to make any new hardware announcements this year, and is instead hoping to stay focused on Sony's current crop of consoles.

He said:

I, quite frankly, would be very distracted if I had to be talking about next generation hardware this year.

Right now, we’re focused on PlayStation 3, and I’ve got another platform to get out the door in seven days.

So I don’t want to be thinking about trying to launch new technology anytime soon. I want to focus all our energy on our console business, which is really just hitting its stride, and Vita, which really deserves a dedicated push from us.

Let us know whether you think it’s time for the PlayStation 4 in our Talking Point feature.


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Supereor said:

Why do I even read these PS4 sections... I'm generally a handheld person anyway...

Sony can't hold up with it's current technology... neither could it hold up WITH the PS4... too much prejudice from overpriced products makes nearly no-one even THINKS about buying a Vita even right now, and since that's how Sony rolls, they are most likely gonna overprice the PS4 too, which will give even MORE prejudice to Sony... if Sony wants to keep up with the modern systems and not the Xbox and Nintendo DS, it better reduce it's prices so more people will buy their systems and games. Nintendo is highest in the market right now, because it's making first-party games for it's own systems, which is something both Microsoft and Sony need to learn how to do.



MitchConcannon said:

His right. Why spend one year promoting two new consoles. Playstation Vita is looking strong for this year. I think PS4 as cool as it sounds to be hearing about it already there is still lots of potential in the PS3. few games have taken full advantage of it and thats mainly due to Cross platforms. Well done to all sony's exclusives. Each one shines brighter than anything you can see on Xbox. Only game I have any interest in on that console is Gears Of War. Tired of halo. They have very few good IPs. I can list several of Sonys. Woo went on a tangent there.

To sum it up. Keep ps4 in the box till 2013 Sony. Your doing fine.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

I'm trading in my 360 slim for a Vita next week. I'm a completely unbiased gamer, but i honestly played my 360 probably ten times in two years..... The PS3 is still extremely relevant and has plenty more to offer. I want Sony to just focus on the Vita, and games. The guy knows what he's talking about, surprisingly.



komicturtle said:

As much as I don't like Tretton, what he says makes sense. Sony needs to focus their attention on PSVita....

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