Sony’s finally attached a date to its bonkers downloadable indie project, Tokyo Jungle, in Japan. For those that aren’t familiar with the title, the game takes place in a deserted, futuristic Japan which has transformed into a brutal safari. Taking control of various animal species, you must both survive and uncover the truth of what happened to mankind.

It’s a brilliant concept due to surface in Japan on 7th June. According to Andriasang the reason the game’s been delayed so heavily – it was originally announced in 2010 – is because it’s gone through a radical transformation. The game is no longer a 2D platformer – as originally shown – but instead now a fully realised 3D experience. Apparently, Sony’s pulled in various developers from its other studios to aid the production of the game.

With the date set, we should start seeing Tokyo Jungle again soon. We’re really excited to see what effect the changes have had on the gameplay and visual style. The concept still sounds utterly fascinating to us.