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Take One Last Tour of the PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not long now

The PlayStation Vita unofficially launches in North America this week. We say “unofficially” because, well, even though the so-called First Edition Bundle is sanctioned by platform holder Sony, the system’s launch date will officially go down in history as February 22nd. It’s all a bit confusing, but the point is, Sony's eagerly awaited second handheld is not many days away now.

Recognising that, Sony’s posted a full and frank tour of its next system onto the PlayStation Blog. The video isn’t exactly brimming with new information, but it’s a perfectly timed hype piece.

Back when we were nippers we used to stare at screenshots of our most anticipated games in Official PlayStation Magazine every day before they were released. Consider this video the modern day equivalent of that.


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sgotsch said:

Why are trophies so important? But yay, for designing a good webbrowser.



Jer said:

The web browser is actually crap, just as bad as iphone one and 3DS one and anyother non PC browser, cause it doesn't run flash Properly (or even at all)
so what if its html five, it doesn't make up for all the missing content



rjejr said:

Very informative video - minus the first 2 and last 1 minute which were just blowing smoke.

Jer, if you are comparing the iOS and 3DS browser you probably haven't used either one, no comparison between those 2 at all. The 3DS browser, based on the horrific Wii browser, is all but unusable as it was on the Wii. The iOS browser is quick and functional. I use Dolphin on my iPod touch and it gets the job done for browsing. The Vita browser looks iOS comparable but they didn't show it in mobile form, or if it rotates. Still, there is just no way to compare it to the mess that is 3DS web browsing.

I really like the back touchscreen, but aside from when he is talking about it they never use it again and are constantly touching the front screen. I wonder if it is game specific.

I like NEAR better than the Street Pass / Spot Pass split.

After talking about Cross Game chat he then talks about the camera. I wonder if that means no video chat? Skype was mentioned earlier though.

Looks like a really well thought out machine. Not a revolution by any means - touting Netflix which runs on anything with electricity is not unique - but as far as gaming consoles go, both portable and home, this seems like the one to catch. If only it worked with SD cards, or even the already overpriced Pro Duo, almost all the publicity would be favorable.

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