PlayStation Vita’s launch offering is already packed with big names: there’s Uncharted, WipEout, FIFA and many more. But Sony’s not resting on its laurels just yet, as new SCEA marketing executive, Guy Longworth, has explained that the platform holder wants the snazzy new system to play host to as many of gaming's biggest brands as possible.

Longworth told Venturebeat:

We are excited to have a lineup that appeals to anyone who is interested in gaming.

We want to bring the best experiences and best brands to the platform, not only from Sony but from third parties as well. The hardware offers a canvas for developers to do different things. FIFA Soccer plays incredibly well on the Vita, and we think sports games in general will be big on it.

Longworth added that Sony has worked extremely hard with suppliers to ensure there’s enough consoles to go around:

We think this an incredible experience you get with the Vita and that gives great value to the consumer. We have something for everyone, from AAA titles at $49.99 to downloadable games at more accessible prices.

We have to reiterate that we are in this for the long-term.

The PlayStation Vita releases worldwide today. But then you knew that already, didn’t you?