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Retro City Rampage Hijacks Vita and PS3

Posted by James Newton

Firing Vblanks

Indie developer Vblank Entertainment is bringing Retro City Rampage to PS3 and PS Vita, designer Brian Provinciano revealed on the official PS EU Blog.

The game — originally revealed for WiiWare several years ago — is now coming to PSN and Vita in May this year. We won't hold our breath: once upon a time it was set for release in autumn 2010.

Here's a trailer from the WiiWare version; expect the PlayStation versions to look... well, pretty much the same we should imagine.


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bezerker99 said:

Dang, first Sonic 4 Ep II goes to the other consoles....and now this gem of a game. I find it ironic that the entire game is based off old NES games/franchises and yet the devs release it to Sony and Microsoft. Classy, gentleman. (smh) [inb4WiiWareSizeLimit]



Noire said:

Good to see publishers know the Wii is a joke, just like us real gamers.

... we know the Wii is a joke, not that we real gamers are jokes. Most of the time.


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