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Rayman Origins Actually Made Ubisoft Some Money

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not quite a commercial distaster

When Rayman Origins failed to even break into the UK software top-forty following its launch in November last year, many suspected the worst for the gorgeous Michel Ancel developed platformer. But contrary to perception, the title has actually been profitable for publisher Ubisoft, and it believes that it will continue to sell for some time yet.

Ubisoft’s chief financial officer, Alain Martinez, said during an investor meeting yesterday:

We believe Rayman: Origins, which is rated 89 percent on Metacritic with enthusiast reviews and is already profitable, has the capacity to become a long-term seller for the company.

Rayman Origins will get a new lease of life next week, when it releases as a launch title for the PlayStation Vita.


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Corbs said:

If you don't own some iteration of Rayman Origins, go now and grab it. One of the truly great platformers of the last decade. And if you want to see what little Vita can really do, fire up this game on it.



Fuzzy said:

Have just recently started it up. Looks fantastic and plays great.

Pick it up. Now.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

Glad to hear this news because this game is in my top ten games of all time... not just this generation.
As soon as I received the Platinum for it, I immediately started over. Yeah, it really is that much fun. If I ever get a Vita this will be an instant purchase for me. I wonder if you can use your PS3 save for Vita play because I love running around with Evil Globox.



rjejr said:

Started playing Tuesday, I'm mostly player 2 AKA the guy who floats around in the bubble and gets flashed thru the doors. My 7 yr. old is naturally good at this but I'm not awful, it's just that player 1 can't bubble via Select. My 9 yr. old would rather kick my butt playing Swords and Soldiers. Anybody know how Vikings or Aztec can defend against Pooh Ki?



fullyilly said:

It's great to see 2D games getting this kind of focus and financial success. I'd give anything to see a new fad of 2D games hit the industry. Rayman Origins is a masterpiece and a game that I've not only bought on my PS3 but also preordered on my Vita. Pleeeeeeease let other developers follow this lead...2D games can still make good money!

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