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PlayStation Vita Titles Will Be Cheaper When Downloaded

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cheaper than chips

Sony's not been particularly efficient at communicating specific PlayStation Vita information.

We're still waiting for full details on the 3G system's data plan here in Europe. With three weeks to go, the platform holder's definitely cutting things fine.

But one question that's been asking more than most is whether downloadable PS Vita titles will carry a discount over their retail counterparts. The answer, in North America at least, is yes.

A Sony representative told Shacknews: "I can confirm that there will be a discount on the downloadable PS Vita titles from PSN. Exact details have not yet been revealed, but be on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future."

The news was broken when a crafty NeoGAF poster managed to sneakily snap an image of Best Buy's internal database. The release schedule included listings for redeemable codes of digital downloads, each marked with a 10 percent discount over their retail counterparts.

Whether the deal will make its way over to Europe, remains to be seen. Fingers crossed though, eh?

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Cell said:

I think I'm going for digital downloads only with this one. Cases and booklets/instruction manuals aren't what they used to be..

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