We’re still finding PlayStation Vita trailers a little jarring. Take this latest Mortal Kombat footage released by publisher Warner Bros: it looks like a PlayStation 3 game. If it wasn’t for all the crazy augmented reality stuff – which is a neat addition to the fighter by the way – we’d still be struggling to remind ourselves that, no, this is a PS Vita game. (Which it totally is, by the way.)

In addition to replicating the PlayStation 3 title in its entirety – visuals, content and all – Warner Bros is also promising a wealth of exclusive content designed specifically for the PS Vita version of the bloody brawler. That’s hinted at in this trailer, with gyro activated balancing acts and touch prompted fatalities all teased.

While Mortal Kombat is all about the fighting first and foremost, we really enjoy it when the series goes off the rails. As such, we're eager to see what NetherRealm’s cooked up with the PS Vita’s rich array of input options available.