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Metal Gear Solid HD on PS Vita Uses Rear Touch Controls

Posted by Sammy Barker

Throat slitting

Hideo Kojima knows how to whip up frenzy. Only yesterday did the Metal Gear boss send fans crazy by Tweeting an image of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection running on a PlayStation Vita.

Presumably hoping to stay in the headlines, the passionate producer has followed up with some more juicy details about the game.

Speaking of the controls Kojima said that players could expect to “slice an enemy’s throat” using the PS Vita’s rear touch pad. Other tweaks include “stretching the screen” in order to switch between first and third-person view points.

And of course, Kojima couldn’t resist posting a couple more screenshots of the game too. Mmmm, that OLED screen.


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eliotgballade said:

@James :
eh ? but there it is - on a vita , and sammy,s article [via] tells of vita control features . i'm . clarify please.



James said:

@eliotgballade The game is coming to Vita but at the moment we don't know when. @Levelfailer asked if it would be released with the Vita, and it won't — we don't know when it will be released



zezhyrule said:

Ah, so to make up for the lack of pressure sensitive buttons that the DualShock line has, they're using touch controls. That's a nice idea, but what's this about changing between first and third person aiming? in MGS2 and 3, first-person was the way to go, and in PW you can't aim in first-person at all... Are they completely changing this up for the Vita release or something?



turtlelink said:

@zez, I think he said they'll be using the touchscreen to switch between first and third person view.



eliotgballade said:

@ James : o.k i get it - thanks
@ theblackdragon : wondered how long it would be before something such as this showed up on new Push Square . BTSF !

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