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Kojima Tweets Sneaky Pic of MGS HD Collection on Vita

Posted by James Newton

Coming along nicely

Now that Metal gear Solid HD Collection has finally reached Europe it's time to start getting excited about the upcoming Vita version, with series mastermind Hideo Kojima recently tweeting a photo of the game up and running on Sony's new portable.

The photo only shows a pair of logos so isn't much to get excited about, but the accompanying text reveals some voice parts will have to be re-recorded, though Kojima doesn't specify why.

Here's hoping we get some portable MGS action on Vita before the year's out.


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zezhyrule said:

Maybe they're going to add in the parts they took out of MGS3 since it was multiplatform, so they need to voice work for that

a person can hope~



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

i've got a 3ds and really enjoy it. I was totally planning on getting MGS 3D, but now i feel like i just really need to stick with first parties until i pick up a Vita. Especially since i don't even use the 3D for anything i've got....



zezhyrule said:

I just noticed that, turtle. Maybe like the 360 version, all three games can't fit on one Vita card thing? That's my guess.

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