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Jet Set Radio to Tag PlayStation Network

Posted by James Newton

Bringing the Beat back

SEGA is preparing to bring much-loved Dreamcast title Jet Set Radio — aka Jet Grind Radio to PlayStation Network.

The publisher embedded a short teaser video on its blog, with the simple title "Guess Who's Back?" The answer, it would seem, is "everyone from Jet Set Radio."

No price, release date or confirmation the original's excellent soundtrack will feature but colour us excited.

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NathanUC said:

This is crazy. I was talking to my little brother less than a week ago about how much I'd love to see this game on the PSN. That's awesome!



turtlelink said:

Never played this game before. Judging from the comments, it must be awesome.



Play_It_Loud said:

Loved the Xbox version back in the day. Cant wait to play the Original on my PS3. I hope Skys of Arcadia is next.



rjejr said:

Good memories from the DC days of carefree fun. I'm gonna go check my collection to see if I still own this.
Dear Sony - when you get tired of giving PS+ users the same 6 Sega Classics over and over again, feel free to give us this one.



James said:

Wouldn't expect this to get better treatment than Space Channel 5, Sonic Adventure etc. — reckon it'll stay resolutely 4:3 and probably lose some of that fantastic music, like Crazy Taxi did.

Still... Jet Set Radio.

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