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Feature: The Push Square Launch Party

Posted by James Newton

Rockin' in the free world

To celebrate the triumphant relaunch of Push Square last week, our team got together in Nottingham's swanky Broadway Cinema lounge to play lots of games and share a few well-earned beers.

Our UK team whiled away the night revisiting classic games. Virtua Tennis and Power Stone 2 on Dreamcast got a lot of love, with unexpected results — tennis-lover Sammy Barker lost out in mixed doubles, whereas fighting master James Newton took a bit of a kicking at Capcom's chaotic four-player brawler. Time to switch those bios around, perhaps.

All kinds of gaming were embraced at the party, from Neo Geo Pocket to Xperia Play and everything in between. Important questions were asked — which year really was the best year for gaming? — and plenty of laughter heard until everyone called it a night at 2am.

Pictured here is the UK Push Square team. From left to right: Front row — Darren Calvert, Sammy Barker, Anthony Dickens, Mike Mason. Back row — Thomas Whitehead, James Newton, Damien McFerran and Jamie O'Neill.

Sincere thanks to everyone who braved the horrendous snow to come celebrate our relaunch.

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rjejr said:

So now that PS and NL are all 1 big happy family will we be seeing any console comparisons? The WiiU and PS3 should be getting some of the same games, as should the 3DS and Vita. If you need a place to start, I know Sammy has been secretly waiting for Skylanders since Oct. but somehow he never reviewed it. After my experience with Disney Universe on both PS3 - looked great, and Wii - a big ugly muddled mess, I was going to buy the PS3 Skylanders, but apparently it's buggier than the Wii from whence it came. I read that on the web so it must be true.



James said:

@turtlelink @jonwahlgren Your invitations must have been lost in the post.

@rjejr We'll review games on the appropriate format but I don't think we'll do any overt technical comparisons: we'll judge a game on its own merits



jesusraz said:

Good to see Movemodo and Push Square finally merged into one uber-site I'm sure Sammy is glad to have the extra hands helping about the place

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