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Feature: Must-Have PlayStation 3 Games - Damien's Picks

Posted by Damien McFerran

Masochists only

To introduce you to the team we've put together here at Push Square, we asked each team member for two PS3 games they considered absolutely essential. Here, editorial director Damien McFerran talks about two of the console's finest RPGs.

Demon's Souls

The sequel Dark Souls may have gone multi-format, but the original game was resolutely PS3-only. The gaming equivalent of being tripped over, kicked in the ribs and spat on — repeatedly — it's hard to see Demon’s Souls’ appeal on paper, but after just an hour of play it becomes clear. The insanely sadistic challenge is there to sort the true gamers from the casual players, and nothing feels more empowering than defeating a particularly difficult end-of-level boss with your wits, reactions and cunning alone. Yes, the sequel's more forgiving bonfire save system arguably makes for a more enjoyable experience, but Demon's Souls remains an essential PS3 purchase.

Valkyria Chronicles

From the moment the first screenshots broke cover, it was obvious that Valkyria Chronicles was going to be special. Set in a fantastically-realised WW2-style fantasy world, this turn-based strategy RPG has tanks, rocket-propelled grenades and some truly lush cel-shaded visuals. It’s spawned two sequels (both on PSP) but the PS3 original remains the best game in the series; it can also be picked up for next to nothing, which shouldn't be taken as an indication of its quality. If you like games like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, this is a must-have.

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Yankeejer said:

Thanks for giving some love to Valkyria Chronicles. Definitely my favorite game on the PS3. I can't get over the debauchery of VC2 though.



Scissors said:

Valkyria Chronicles is the best PS3 game hands-down, if you disagree you should jump into a pool of acid and crocodiles.



koops330 said:

Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite PS3 game I wish VC2 would get a ported to the PS3 and I wish VC3 would get translated and get a ported to the PS3



James said:

Valkyria Chronicles is one of my favourite SEGA games of recent years, and not just because Vyse and Aika are in it. I really should finish it but I started losing steam after one of the 'stealth' missions. Maybe I'll dig it out this week...

As for Demon's Souls, I didn't have the skill to make it through. Did beat that massive dude with the sword though, which was pretty awesome.



Stine said:

I can't believe I still haven't bought Valkyria Chronicles. The sequel is one of my favourite games ever, and that one isn't even supposed to be that good compared to the original.

I am kind of interested in Demon's Souls, but its difficulty is scaring me away.



rossb said:

Good to see Valkyria Chronicles get a mention. It's still one of my favourite PS3 games




I'm desperate to try Valkyria Chronicles! I downloaded the demo a couple of years ago but never got a chance to play it! Watched a quick video of the combat on youtube, seemed like a cross between advance wars/fire emblem and toy soldiers! I'd love to see a review from Push Square but If I can find it at a decent price in the U.K. then I may just have to buy it!



Twilight_Crow said:

I happened to find a used copy of Valkyria Chronicles, yay lucky me, loved it, even if I suck at strategy games. It's that good.

DS is just not my thing.

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