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David Jaffe Curses Up a Storm for Amazing Twisted Metal Ad

Posted by Sammy Barker

Take a shot

Have you ever wanted to fire a real machine-gun? Well now’s your chance. In order to promote Eat Sleep Play’s upcoming car combat reboot, Twisted Metal, Sony’s pointed an M249-SAW at a real-life version of Sweet Tooth’s truck. All you’ve got to do fire it is visit and hit your space bar. Seriously.

The promotion’s set to begin on 14th February and will run through 15th February. As Sony explains, it’s a “shoot-till-the-truck-goes-up-in-a-gigantic-ball-of-flames-style internet spectacular”. Amazing.

You can watch director David Jaffe introduce the promotion in an appropriately swear-tastic video below. Don’t worry, we embedded the censored version.


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Corbs said:

I love his blunt honesty and reckless style. I'd like to take a bazooka to that truck and watch it blow 20 feet in the air. But that's just me personally.



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

I'm with Corbs on this one. Bazooka to high hell.

Sadly you need a Facebook or Twitter account to sign up... so I'll be missing out on this one due to my principles alone. Yes, I absolutely loathe those sites and it leaves me with an not-so-good feeling in my gut. One that tells me to not buy the game at all now because that's the only way to access this totally kick-butt promotion. I guess you can say it had the opposite effect on me once I went to the website to sign up. Bummer. Why can't you use just an email alone? What the BEEP?!
An overreaction? Yes, perhaps. But I live my life by a code, as Dexter would say, and Facebook and Twitter are not part of it. So BEEP this BEEP until it can't BEEP no more.

It's amazing how two social media sites just turned me against getting this game. This promotion is awesome, but being excluded from it makes me not wish to support it.



jer18 said:

This guy is almost as crazy as the impossible to beat demo level for this game.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

@FuzzyYellowBalls I agree, partially. But do you realize how expensive these damn things are? And if an awesome guy like Jaffe has to sell out just a little in order to make some money and in turn a better game..... then i don't see a problem. I'm sure he hates it more than you.... but you've gotta do what you've gotta do... imo



FuzzyYellowBalls said:

@Dak, I'm not bothered by the "selling out" factor... I'm bothered by the Facebook & Twitter nonsense. Why in the hell do I have to have an account with such a waste of internet to participate? Why can't I just submit my email address and be on my merry way? That's why I'm bothered by it. I loathe Facebook & Twitter. I refuse/resist anything that makes either of those the dominant way of doing things. It was enough for me to cancel my preorder. Pretty damn sad, isn't it? I'll still be getting the game... just once the price drops. So I guess it's a win for me as I'll be saving money. And I suppose all my time will be taken up by SSX in a couple weeks, a series which I truly am waiting for to make a proper comeback.
Put it under the tab of "When promotions go wrong." It's just a matter of principle for me. All they had to do was have an email link along side the other two, but they figure they wouldn't get any exposure that way, I guess.

Hilarious avatar, by the way!

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