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WipEout 2048 Almost Had a Zombie Mode, Demo Drops This Month

Posted by Patrick Elliot

And you thought zombies were slow

Zombies are everywhere in the gaming world. They've brought upon the apocalypse countless times, eaten our neighbours and have even taken to fighting plants. But you know what they hardly ever do? Race.

Sony's Vita launch title WipEout 2048 almost amended that sad fact however, as the game once featured a "ZOMBIE" mode that put the undead behind the wheel for one sole purpose alone — to destroy you. Sony Liverpool explains:

The rules of ZOMBIE were simple enough – survive the horror for as long as possible by avoiding or taking out the Zombie ships. You start in darkness, alone on the track. Then you hear them in the distance, the digital scream of their engines filling you with dread. They start to show up on your Zombie radar, a handful at first in hot pursuit and full of ominous darkness. Then they’re on you, ramming you, destroying themselves if need be, but they’re taking you with them.

Now that you're (rightfully) bummed out that kamikaze zombie drivers didn't make the cut, cheer up! There's a demo of the game dropping 17th January in the Japanese PlayStation Store. So, if you imported a Japanese Vita, you'll get a taste of the game soon — which admittedly would taste really gross with zombies in it.


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RazTehWaz said:

They did hint that it wasn't totally dead, so I'm holding out for DLC. Otherwise I might just call round and beg them to let me try it since I live less than a mile from the studio xD



Rambo-Hamster said:

At first I was like "damn it, ANOTHER zombie mode in a game?". But after reading it, it seems rather original and sounds quite fun, in a thriller-esque sort of way.

Even though I probably wouldn't get WipEout (never was a big fan), I enjoy playing occasionally and do see the appeal. Great franchise that never really gets noticed by anyone but its fans, sadly.



Rambo-Hamster said:

@Tate24, I think we're all getting sick of people slapping zombies on something for a quick cash in. Just like any other piece of game design, the addition of zombies is a tool and can be used very well (like the cancelled WipEout mode or TLAU) or in a cliche and boring way (Dead Island or CoD Zombie modes).

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