After all, there's a lot of headlines filling our Twitter feed right now that run with the words, "Japanese retailers cutting the price of 3G PlayStation Vita".

Turns out that on closer inspection, there's evidence of one Japanese store cutting the price of the 3G PlayStation Vita. The story originates from Playfront, who managed to snap a photograph of a reduced system at a single retailer. The store cut the system's price from ¥29,980 ($390) to ¥24,999 ($325).

Unsurprisingly, figures suggest that the more expensive 3G version of the PS Vita isn't selling as well as its cheaper Wi-Fi companion. Did anybody expect it to?

Of course cut prices this early into a system's launch are never a good thing — but let's not run away ourselves. As far as we know this is an isolated instance, and it may just simply be a new year promotion.

Still, as long as the media is still pushing its smartphone agenda, it'll latch onto any sign of weakness.