Sony seems to understand that: announcing that it will be supplying all 600 GAME and GameStation retail stores across the UK with spangly new PlayStation Vita units to display.

The top 150 stores will also net a dedicated Interactive Display Unit. Meanwhile, store managers will be supplied with systems to enable them to communicate with customers "just what makes the new PlayStation handheld so special".

This is all in addition to SCEUK's ongoing PlayStation Access initiative, which has seen the PS Vita paraded around some of the UK's biggest cities.

"PlayStation Vita is an amazing piece of technology - but the very best way to make people realise this, is by putting it in their hands. The beauty and clarity of the 5 inch OLED screen, the ergonomic design with the dual analogue joysticks, the interaction of the rear touch panel, all come emphatically to life," said SCEUK's Fergal Gara.

"With our own Vita Rooms and now, with this opportunity for consumers to sample PS Vita in any of GAME or GameStation's 600 specialist retail stores, the excitement can only continue to build."

We think this is actually a really smart move from Sony. Obviously having a strong marketing campaign is going to work in the system's favour, but honestly: nothing compares to seeing that gorgeous OLED screen in the flesh.