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Nyko Shows Off New PS Vita Accessories

Posted by Patrick Elliot

Start your starter kits

Accessory manufacturer-to-the-stars Nyko has revealed an all new line-up of trinkets for PS Vita, ranging from rudimentary chargers to ergonomical battery boosters.

The Power Grip, much like the 3DS Power Grip, will boost battery life while adding in a controller-like feel. The PS Vita Starter Kit bundles together a case, charger, car adapter, cleaning cloth and sync cable, while the Power Kit simply includes the chargers. Nyko will also offer a simple clamshell case for holding games.

For those hoping to listen to music or watch Netflix on PS Vita hands-free, there's the Power Stand. This dock has built-in speakers and comes with a stand-alone keychain to control playback.


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zezhyrule said:

No thanks, I'm spending enough already on official Sony accessories, I don't need 3rd-party stuff



hamispink said:

I like the charger(and it's price), though I do have a few questions about it.. First off, whether the vita runs exclusively off the extended battery while it is plugged in or if it runs off the vitas battery to empty then switches to the extender. I would hope the the extender can charge the vita's battery while in use, which would be great for "topping off" the battery in times when portability isn't an issue.

I suppose I'll know with time as the vita launches and people can get hands on with the accessory.



cyphid said:

I'm so glad to see how fast Nyko reacts to release peripherls; it just nice.



Cell said:

I'm really liking the power grip! My hands are quite large and I frequently cramped up due to my psp fat. The extra battery life is quite nice too.

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