Tecmo Koei's the latest publisher to pledge support to the bulging offering of games, with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus confirmed for the system's Western launch.

The portable update of the PlayStation 3 favourite incorporates touch and gryo control mechanics, allowing you to aim projectiles with the system's tilt features and launch magic attacks with the rear touchpad. It also includes Ninja Gaiden 3's simplified "Hero Mode", in addition to more challenging options beyond the standard Normal and Hard settings.

"The Ninja Gaiden series lends itself to a great experience on this amazing new platform," said Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi. "We’re confident that gamers, both our fans and those new to the series, will find Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to be a thrilling and challenging experience that lives up to the spirit of what the series is best known for while offering a host of new and portable gameplay mechanics."

We're really starting to feel sorry for our poor, poor wallets.