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Netflix is Coming to PS Vita

Posted by Patrick Elliot

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Sony's executive deputy president Kaz Hirai took to the stage at CES today to announce that Netflix will be bringing its video streaming service to PlayStation Vita in the United States. Hirai added that Netflix is aiming to have the app ready for the system's launch come 22nd February.

It's unclear whether Europe will see the app released on the system in the near future as well, but seeing that Netflix has finally launched in the UK and Ireland, there's certainly reason to hold out hope.


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RazTehWaz said:

Does netflix support subtitles? I'm deaf and looking for a film service that supports them



TenPoundTerror said:

Actually quite a few movies have subtitles..I think they have done a pretty good job with it



RazTehWaz said:

I'm still paying the same as everyone else though, even though I don't get all the content. Until everything is subtitled, it sucks.



rockinthepeeps said:

That is just supper amazing. Lyke omg thts awesome. I can't describe how happy i am right now.

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