We remember testing out the PS3-to-PSP streaming application back in the heady days of '08, and being amazed that we could play PixelJunk Eden in the back garden (just about). But once the initial novelty wore off, we started to wonder why we couldn't play Grand Theft Auto IV too, and eventually gave up on the dream. The technology is pretty much pointless if it's barely supported.

A bunch of videos uploaded by a PlayStation hacker has proved that there is a point to Remote Play after all. The uploads show a batch of high-profile PS3 games running on a PS Vita via the streaming technology. There's Mortal Kombat, Red Dead Redemption and, heck, even Battlefield 3. It's pretty awesome stuff.

Hopefully Sony takes a look at the videos and decides to widen the support for Remote Play across more software in the future. To be fair, previous official PS Vita demonstrations have certainly hinted at the possibility.