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Happy New Year from VitaGamr!

Posted by James Newton

2012, here we come

2012 is the year PlayStation makes its next major move in the console business, releasing PlayStation Vita in Europe and North America on 22nd February.

Just as PlayStation is ready to leap forward, so are we at VitaGamr: committed to bringing you the most important news and reviews from the world of PlayStation Vita. We're preparing to make major waves you won't want to miss.

Everyone at VitaGamr wishes you a healthy, happy and successful year ahead.

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Jfilesguy said:

even though i kinda maeby sorda want a Vita, I'll regret when it comes out and my 3DS gets lost in the dust
But if it's anything like like my PSP, i'll love it for a month, then forget i had it and just played my DSi, and just when i remembered i had one the Vita was on the way.



Soloduo11x said:

I Artie got my Vita just waiting for the American game to release but in the meantime I've been playing Uncharted Golden Abyss over over and over Again =D

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