The spin-off tactical shooter — which got a stunning CG trailer at the back-end of last week — pitches the Umbrella Security Service against the US Spec Ops, with hordes of zombies adding to the exhilarating affair. It's a cool concept, but hands-on impressions haven't been particularly favourable to date.

Still, with the game not due out until later in the year, developer Slant Six has got plenty of time to tidy things up. To hold our interest in the interim, Capcom has released details on each of the game's multiplayer modes.

Unsurprisingly there's Team Deathmatch, which sees teams facing off in tactical battles. Then there's Biohazard mode, which is a fictionally appropriate twist on Capture The Flag. Elsewhere, there's Survivors mode, which sounds a lot like a multiplayer version of Resident Evil's popular Mercenaries campaign, and Heroes mode, which allows you to play as a number of famous faces from the Resident Evil franchise.

It doesn't sound like a lot, but if the core gameplay's strong then there should be plenty to get your teeth into. There's footage of all of the modes included after the break.