Before Kratos' mythological escapades got the go-ahead, developer Sony Santa Monica was toying with the idea of a Silent Hill-style survival horror title set within the dark realm of the Twisted Metal universe.

Game designer David Jaffe revealed the tid-bit on the Weekend Confirmed podcast, though he didn't delve into any more specific details.

Said Jaffe: "I love the world of Twisted Metal. In fact, before we green lit God Of War we were in discussions at Sony Santa Monica about this cross between Silent Hill and Twisted Metal. Basically it was going to be a Silent Hill style game set inside the Twisted Metal universe, and so it was going to delve a lot more into that world which I think is really cool."

Jaffe was on the podcast to promote Eat Sleep Play's upcoming franchise reboot, and while he provided lots of information about the game, the outspoken developer also joked that he'd love to make a Twisted Metal movie and release it on the PSN.

"I want to convince someone at Sony to give us a million dollars to go ahead and make a slasher movie with Sweet Tooth," he exclaimed, "We'd make it really low budget, really violent and really hardcore. And, y'know, we'd launch it on the PSN exclusively and then eventually we could put it out on Blu-ray."

Note to Sony executives: we'd pay top-dollar to watch a Twisted Metal movie.

There's a ton more from Jaffe in the full episode of Weekend Confirmed. Click through here to download that.