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You Can't Game and Browse At the Same Time on Vita

Posted by James Newton

Not at first, anyway

You're playing on your Vita, but you want to hit the web to look something up. Unfortunately the machine won't be able to run a game and browser simultaneously — not at first, anyway.

Andriasang reports that if you want to use the browser you'll need to save your game and quit, unlike the Nintendo 3DS which allows you to suspend your game and use the browser. However, Sony has said this will be the situation "initially", leading us to hope it'll change with a future firmware update.


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Rambo-Hamster said:

Why is it that Sony saved all the bad news till now? Not cool. All I keep seeing are headlines like "Vita can't do this" or "Vita doesn't allow that".



Maqugo said:

"Sony has said this will be the situation "initially", leading us to hope it'll change with a future firmware update" pay atention.



Rambo-Hamster said:

I am paying attention. They never said it would come. They just said the obvious, that the situation now is the situation now.

Now, if you read between the lines, Sony is saying, "We couldn't be bothered to include this now. And since it won't be a huge issue later on, it won't come for a long time." So yes, this is bad news. And yes, all we see is bad news recently.



Yungblu904 said:

Hope they do change that because I love doing more than one thing at once,which leaves tasks done,done and done now back to gaming.



Chalen said:

Doesn't affect me, I'm just going to use my iPhone or laptop to browse the web the Vita is strictly games only for me



Magi said:

Hopefully by the time of the NA release all of these things will be fixed. Sorry Japan, but you're the Vita "test phase".



Gamma97 said:

If I REALLY need to be on the internet and play a game at the same time, I'll do what I'm doing now, use my phone for the internet. Sooo, yeah, not a real problem

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