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The World's First Vita Owner Doesn't Look Thrilled

Posted by James Newton

First photos in

PlayStation Vita launched in Japan on Saturday, and Sony bigwigs Andrew House and Kaz Hirai attended the official launch event to meet the very first PlayStation Vita owners.

There's no official sales for the first weekend yet but we'll bring you when we get them.

The following photo story is one of our moments of the gaming year so far. Enjoy.

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theblackdragon said:

lol, poor guy looks like he's about to burst into tears — whether from joy or from wondering how long it's gonna be before he can afford food again, no one can say :3



GameLord08 said:

Why doesn't the dude look more thrilled? D:

...Oh wait, Sony just stripped him of $200+. That's one hungry gamer right there.



JayArr said:

Probably in line forever. If I hadn't slept in four days and was living of animal crackers and soda I wouldn't look so thrilled either. D:



Dimpee said:

He said he felt ill from lack of sleep, still i would be overjoyed meeting the guys from scee and sony! I would have had my vita box signed!



stromboli said:

I keep hearing bad stuff about the VITA: unresponsive touch screen, disappointing sales, the need to buy that extra memory card to play a lot of the games.... I think sony is kind of doomed



WolfRamHeart said:

The guy in the second picture looks like he is thinking " Wait a minute, this isn't a 3DS!".



Tate24 said:

I hear same thing stromboli

There's lots videos on utube about vita crashing and people finding it impossible to restart it! Also lots problems with touch screen as well. It seem testers have not been really putting in effort make sure vita was sound? Instead its came out and is riddle with bugs.....other great job from sony.

And guy clearly wished bought 3DS!

He asking him self were mario on box?

S@#t this isnt 3DS:-(

Maybe if i keep looking at box they leave me alone lol xp

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