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The PlayStation Move Interactive Advert in Full

Posted by James Newton

Take your pick

Remember when we reported on the PlayStation Move mini site with its interactive advertisement? We've just been made aware the full video is available to view right now on YouTube or — more helpfully — right below these very words.

With PlayStation Move sales catching up with Kinect do you think adverts below are the way to go or is the solution as simple as "more games"? Let us know in the comments below.

Don't worry — it's not really 25 minutes long. Let us know what you think of the PlayStation Move video in our comments below.


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autogolazzo said:

That is unwatchable. Thank God Sony's tv adverts are more engaging.

I agree the focus should be on games but I also think that clever marketing or lack thereof plays a big role in the future success or failure of the move.



Ichabod said:

What? I'm not even sure if they were trying to sell the Move or not. That was just one cluster of nonsense. lol. Hopefully, not many people come across this video.

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