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Multiple PSN Accounts Means Multiple Vita Memory Cards

Posted by James Newton

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PlayStation Vita offers on-the-go gaming either solo or against others through WiFi or 3G, but there were recent reports that the machine would only support one PSN account. That's not quite true, according to a Sony spokesperson talking to

Each PSN account is bound to your Vita memory card, so if you want a second PSN account, you'll need a separate memory card. Sony's Crystal Mackenzie explained it this way:

Your PSN ID is bonded to your memory card and your memory card is bonded to your Vita. So if you wanted to change different PSN users but use the same memory card, you would need to go factory reset. You can also use them both on the same PSN account as well.

If you have multiple PSN accounts — whether from different regions or for different purposes — you'll need a separate PlayStation Vita memory card.

What do you make of all this?


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Rambo-Hamster said:

This is actually a very smart way to prevent game sharing, which limits the money devs get for their hard work. By having this monetary barrier between you and your friends' purchased games, it decreases the odds of someone passing his/her account to 5 people to share games. To get access to one friend's games, you would have to buy a whole new memory card, and with the prices they're at now, I don't see many people getting extra cards for extra accounts.

But if you really, really need to have more than one account (one JPN, one EU, and one US account, for example) it's all still possible, albeit more expensive than usual. Considering the tools, it's a rather elegant solution. But then, I don't use more than one PSN account so I don't really subjectively see the disadvantages.



fpssoviet said:

this wont affect me then again i aint even gettin a vita so nothing will effect me



hamispink said:

I think its a great idea to tether the account to a memory card to allow for multiple accounts, though this also raises some serious problems for some people and for sony.
The main concern that I have with this is that it seems that a memory card will be required to access the PSN, which gives even more requirements for people to invest in the expensive cards. The fact that Sony doesn't include at least the small 4 gb card with the vita will likely haunt them soon after launch, after the rush of rabid sony fans buy their console with all kinds of games and accessories. The average consumer won't know or be willing to spend even more money after buying this expensive device. I hope that Sony realizes this error soon and decides to include a card of some size with the standard console package.



Slapshot said:

Thank the guys who pirate software for all of this. That is the reason for the new cards and limitations.



Gamma97 said:

As long as the default card isn't tge 32MB or whatever the PSP 1000's default card was. I agree with hamispink, it should at least be 4GB's. I'm getting the wifi built in one and some PSN money cards for Christmas, which means I might be buisy data wise.

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