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Sony Steps Up Move Awareness with European Campaign

Posted by James Newton

New mini site too

If PlayStation Move sales really are catching up with Kinect, a new campaign might just tip the balance in Sony's favour.

The PlayStation Move mini site from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe contains information, videos and a Move competition. The videos might not make much sense — something about gorillas and giant donuts — but then how much of Sony's advertising does?

UK viewers might also have caught one of the Move adverts currently doing the rounds on TV, which we've embedded below.


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ComicBookGuy said:

this two look like they're getting it on...
in all seriousness though, slick ad. haveb't caught it on TV yet tho...



Tatsumaru said:

Too bad I never saw any advertisement here on my country, altough the move price have really dropped, but still importing one was a better deal to me.

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