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Sony Promising Special Move Add-On for BioShock

Posted by James Newton

Here's hoping for an arm drill

If you were excited about BioShock Infinite before, prepare for new heights of anticipation.

Sony has revealed the game will launch alongside an exclusive, as-yet secret PlayStation Move peripheral. According to Sony, it will "drawn you even deeper into the stunning vision of a parallel future", which could mean just about anything, really.

Paramount's Star Trek will also launch with a Move-exclusive peripheral in the form of a Phaser attachment, but what do you think will accompany BioShock?


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naiyo said:

i just hope that we can use the navi to walk and the move to shoot at-least because i think he going to make a side game that's a rail-shooter.



Ichabod said:

Down with rail-shooters!!! Naw, I think it'll be full move support.



NeoNight said:

I'm sure it isn't going to be a rail shooter. I wonder what the new peripheral will be...

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