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Report: Major Sony Studio Shifts Focus To New PlayStation

Posted by Sammy Barker

On top of a bunch of XBOX successor rumours this week, EDGE has revealed via an unnamed source that at least one major Sony developer has switched attention to the next PlayStation system

According to the report, the Sony subsidiary has had an input on the graphics technology adopted by the new system.

But which studio could it be? Our money is probably on Guerrilla Games, with Evolution and Media Molecule also likely candidates.

It follows a similar rumour late last month that hinted a number of major Sony first-party studios had started preliminary work on PlayStation 4 launch projects.

With Microsoft looking ever more likely to pounce within the next 18 months, and Nintendo due to release the Wii U next year, the timing of the next PlayStation is going to be interesting. On one hand it feels like the PlayStation 3 has still yet to hit the mass market, but Sony will not want to let their competitors get a head-start again.



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