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PlayStation Move Heroes Down to $19.99 on PS Store

Posted by James Newton

Cheap enough for you?

Long-anticipated mascot mash-up PlayStation Move Heroes may have disappointed for its $39.99 price tag, but if you're a PlayStation Store user you can save yourself a fair chunk of change on the game now.

The game just dropped to a new permanent price of $19.99, a very welcome 50% off the original sale price.

Does this new low price sway you into taking a look at this meeting of mascots or will you still be staying away? Let our PlayStation Move Heroes review help in your decision.


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Wiilicious said:

Nop...not in my opinion. Your better of playing Sly trilogy, all 3 ratchet games on ps3 and wait for the release of Jack on PS3. Honestly i just trade-in this game before the price drop. Glad i did.



rjejr said:

Bought this for $10, traded it in for $9.75, that was worth it. 6gig mandatory no questions asked install annoyed me more than anything else.

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