Many of those promises have been broken. Only a couple of weeks ago EA forgot to inform customers that Battlefield 3 wouldn't actually include a downloadable version of Battlefield 1943 — and now THQ's followed suit.

Despite confirming "an exclusive mode on the PlayStation 3 utilizing Saints Row: The Third's signature weapon", no such content has materialised on the final disc. It is identical to the XBOX 360 game.

Now it's totally possible that Saints Row: The Third's "exclusive" content could launch post-release as DLC. In fact, only recently Danny Bilson confirmed that a downloadable game called Saints Row: Money Shot would be available "on PSN as a Sony offering". But either way, publishers need to be more upfront with their fans.

Sony obviously must shoulder some of the blame for announcing the content too early. But at the end of the day it's up to the publishers to inform their customers about their game. And if it emerged during development that the PS3 version of Saints Row: The Third wasn't going to get any exclusive content — then THQ should have just said something as soon as possible. Its deflective "no comment" on the situation shows a disrespect for fans and PS3 owners alike.