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Official PS Vita Memory Cards Priced for US

Posted by Patrick Elliot

Get your funds in order

The PS Vita will house a proprietary memory card, meaning you won't be able to plug in any of those Pro Duo Memory Sticks you bought for the PSP. You have to buy new ones.

Seeing as many PS Vita Games (like Uncharted: Golden Abyss) won't even boot without a memory card, you should probably consider bundling one with your system.

Now GameStop has listed the cards on their PS Vita accessory page, with prices as follows:

  • 4GB: $29.99
  • 8GB: $44.99
  • 16GB: $69.99
  • 32GB: $119.99

Bear in mind these could simply be placeholder prices and are likely to change before the console's release in February.

So, any of you taking the plunge on the 32GB card?


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Kimiko said:

Why isn't a decently-sized card included with each system? I hated that when I bought my PSP, and I still don't understand it. If it's essential to actually use the thing, the card should be included in the price.



Paranoimia said:

Yep. $119 will probably equate to between £89 and £99 here in the UK. I'll be going straight for the 32GB card.



CanisWolfred said:

Too expensive is right. I'll be going for the First Edition, so I'll get the Card included. But still, if I ever need another one...yikes...



hamispink said:

I was planning on the 32GB card, though at these prices I'll have to settle for 16GB at launch. I was expecting it to come in at $100, though I shouldn't expect as much from Sony



Slapshot said:

I'm going to stick it out with the 8gb for awhile and hope for a price drop so I can bag a couple of 32gb cards later.

These high - mandatory - prices for the cards do stink though!



James said:

I reckon these prices could just be placeholders; it's not uncommon for retailers to stick up high prices at first, see the competition undercuts them significantly and react accordingly. Also good marketing to say "we've cut the price of our Vita memory cards by 40%!"



DrCruse said:

Heart Attack

WHAT? 110$ for 32 GB?!
I can get a 32GB SD card for about 35$! What do they think they're doing pricing them that high.



Magi said:

Holy Moly!

The largest card I ever had for my PSP was a 4gb and it was primarily due to the price.



vakama94 said:

will be going for the 32GB card but not in México because it will cost three times the dollar price



pntjr said:

Hahaha! I knew the Vita wasn't going to be that cheap! Especially because of these neccesary extremely overpriced memory cards! I beleive we've been duped by another one of $$$ony's pricing plans. We'll see how this plays out.



TheLZdragon said:

So much for being the same price as a 3DS. You essentially need to spend $320 for a Vita, full game and memory card when you can get the same for 3DS for about $199. Geez...



Scissors said:

Too expensive for me. I will still get a Vita, but I'm going to give it a few years until Sony sorts this out.



michiganurse said:

I think that the Vita love affair is over. Sony may be shooting itself in the foot with those high memory prices. I am really looking forward to owning a PS Vita but the high memory prices have placed me on the fence for now. I will now be taking a wait and see attitude and will watch and see how things develop. Who knows, maybe after a year or so I can by a Vita at a much lower price than I would otherwise get is I buy one right away. Memory may become much cheaper as well.



komicturtle said:

I'd hope these cards are made by 3rd parties so I can get them cheaper. Then again, by the time I get a Vita, the cards should be cheaper when they realize it's priced waaay too high. I can get a 1TB hard drive for my WiiU for less than $100, even. Are they using these prices to recover from losses spent on Vita? Otherwise, I don't see any reason why it's priced this much. Sony always overcharges their accessories and this is not the only time- especially when these things are pretty mandatory



WolfRamHeart said:

That is just way too expensive. If I do get the Vita I am going to stick with the pack-in memory card until those prices drop. I am starting to reconsider my plans for purchasing a Vita at launch.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm not getting one until a year or two down the road. I'm happy with my 3DS. Those memory cards are just too expensive for me.

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