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Ken Levine: "We Can't Wait to Show Off BioShock Move"

Posted by James Newton

To infinity

Next year's BioShock Infinite is right up there on our list of four must-have Move games for the future, and Irrational Games' Ken Levine seems pleased with how it's coming together.

In an interview on the PlayStation Blog, Levine reveals that the studio is itching to show off its progress so far:

We’ve got the Move controls working now back at the studio, certainly more so than we had when we announced it at E3, and really we’re just waiting for the opportunity to show that with a new piece of content. It’s working well but we still have a lot of polishing to do. Of all the motion controllers in the world, the Move is the one best suited to a first-person shooter, and a lot of PlayStation games have done a great job incorporating it. I will say that we’re discovering some great opportunities with the Skyline gameplay, but rather than show it to people with an old demo, I’d prefer to show it with a new piece of content.

Sadly Levine didn't say much about when we'll see more of Move in Columbia, but here's hoping it's not too long to wait.


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Ichabod said:

Not just one of the four top Move games, but THE top move game of next year.



naiyo said:

I want him to just say that its not a rail shooter and then i be happy...



Slapshot said:

@naiyo It's definitely not going to be a rail shooter, so I think you're quite safe to lay your worries aside.



Ichabod said:

I think that it would take sooo much more work to create a rail-shooter version of the game just for the Move than to just find a way to implement the Move into the controls. I must have missed something, though. Where was it stated that this might become a rail-shooter?

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