But there's a solution. Lightbox Interactive has announced a private beta will start for the game as soon as next month.

Players will receive a "special email" denoting their access to the beta, with attendees let in to test out the game in waves in order to manage server load.

“The order in which players are granted access is a dark art known only to Sith-IT-Managers and Gywn, Lord of Cinder,” laughed Jobe, “but, suffice it to say it’s a mix of your rank/level in Warhawk, your involvement in the Warhawk community, and a few other magical parameters.”

You're in then @Jas_nm.

Sony's prepared a secure forum in which beta entrants can discuss feedback on the game, and chat directly with the likes of Jobe and other members on the team. Additionally, special PlayStation Network handles will allow players to see if they are playing with a developer online.

“We’ll be going into more details on which features will be included in the private beta in the coming weeks, but for now, I hope our Warhawk player community is as excited about this opportunity as we are,” said Jobe.

Neatly, all beta participants will receive a "free gift" in the retail version of Starhawk.

For more information, check out Dylan Jobe's post on the PlayStation Blog.