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Timbers Get Shivered in Captain Morgane PS3 Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Buckles swashed too

Point-and-click adventure Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle just got a European date: it'll reach PlayStation 3 shores on Friday 4th November, three weeks before it launches on other consoles.

The Move-enabled game is a spin-off of the popular So Blonde series and is written by Steve Ince, renowned for his work on classic adventures like Beneath a Steel Sky and the Broken Sword series.

Check out the new trailers and screens below and let us know if there's room in your PS3 collection for a little pirate action.

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Ichabod said:

That actually looks kind of fun. Reminds me of the King's Quest series (does anyone remember that series?). I think I'll be picking this up for me and the wife to do a run through.



GoldenCannon said:

Yes I remember King's Quest, I remember playing it back in those days and finishing all the seven or eight of the King's Quest games.

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