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Sony, With These Move Lifestyle Photos You Are Spoiling Us

Posted by James Newton

Everybody smile!

In the past year we've had a lot of fun with PlayStation Move and you probably have too, but we bet you've never enjoyed yourself as much as the people in these new lifestyle photos from Sony.

The shots feature all your typical Move situations: Mum working out, boys and girls singing and dancing together, but strangely no sign of the shooters that have arguably been the most compelling reason so far to get the controller.

We've picked some of our favourites from the photo shoots for your delight/despair.

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sykotek said:

Obviously these photos are not for the American market. They're not multicultural enough.



James said:

@sykotek Surely Europe has at least as many different cultures as America, what with it being made up of different countries, languages, laws, histories etc.



Nymo said:

These pics are obviously not for the US Market because they're using WIRELESS SingStar Mics!
/sigh Why so behind, SCEA?



amonte said:

Looking at these pics saddens me because Sony hasn't made four player Move and Navigation multiplayer or added Move's motion tech to the Navigation

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