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PlayStation Vita Hardware is Region-Free

Posted by James Newton

Import with impunity

With the news of a significant delay for gamers in the West, many are looking to Japan to satiate their desire for PlayStation Vita this Christmas. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has some good news, then: the console is region-free.

When asked via Twitter if the machine would be region-free, Yoshida simply replied "yes, it is". Sony hasn't made an official statement about this issue yet, but if Yoshida's Tweet is to be believed the machine will mimic its predecessor the PSP's region-free abilities.

With the machine set to land in Japan on 17th December hopes of finding Vita under the Christmas tree in the West might be cutting it fine, but at least there's the option to buy games from any region to tide you over.


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Rambo-Hamster said:

Yeah, just like the PSP, you can set the language to whatever you want it to be. The only difference is that on Japanese hardware (PSP, PS3, and most likely Vita), O is confirm and X is cancel. Everyone else flips that.



Strider_Hiryu said:

Big news. I'm still on my japanese launch PSP-1000 and play it in Italy without any kind of issue. The button swapping is limited to the machine's interface, in game everything works just like in any western software.



zezhyrule said:

O = Accept and X = Decline. Makes so much more sense.
why you change it for other places sony

Games can map whatever functions they want to any button, FFVII and MGS1-3 for instance had the same figuration as Japan does.

I might just import one, depending on how full my wallet it around that time.



gamrgod5 said:

@1 Sony does this because people like to hack and pirate a lot, making it sell more. 3DS is region locked for a more precise and fair system.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Sony does this to avoid people hacking their systems to remove the utterly pointless evil that is region locking. Seriously, it's clear they haven't been at all hurt by having the PSP and PS3 region-free. I remain unconvinced that the lack of region locks on pre-3DS Nintendo handhelds really hurt anything either. Region locking is bad. Period.



Strider_Hiryu said:

@9: second that. Import purchases has never hurted anyone but those interested in cashing in on different prices applied to different regions.



Kimiko said:

Take note, Nintendo. This is how it's done.

I think this'll be one of the reasons PSVita is going to beat the 3DS this gen.



Fuzzy said:

Great to hear. This will mean I'll end up buying a lot more games.



Corbs said:

There's speculation that with the demand of the Vita, Play-Asia could be selling the Vita systems for upwards of $600+. Ouch.

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