The game was pitched as "fighting entertainment", a tag-line which prompted Joystiq to do some investigative work. Exactly what is fighting entertainment though?

Studio head Yosuke Hayashi explained that early fighting games, like Street Fighter II, "had some of the most outrageous graphics, fun gameplay, and really a lot of stuff going on". He implied that some of that some of that outrageous nature had been lost as the genre shifted its attention to online competition.

"It's not as over-the-top, it's not as much of the entertainment aspect that the originals had, and so they seem a little bit dull, in some aspects," he continued.

Dead Or Alive 5, however, will be all about spectacle, seeing a return to the franchise's multi-layered, interactive stages.

"So in the past games most of the dangers were fixed, set areas on the stage that you can knock your opponent into — and they were just set there, the stage didn't change a whole lot. If you watch the video from our press event, you can see the entire stage changing and taking a different shape, and all sorts of chaos happening."

Admit it. You're excited.

[Thanks Joystiq]