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BioShock Infinite TGS 2011 Teaser Trailer

Posted by Christopher Ingram

In Japanese too!

As fans of the original BioShock, it’s not hard for us to get excited about any new titbit we can rummage up about the upcoming BioShock Infinite. With each new trailer that Irrational Games releases, it seems that the game just continues to look better and better, and this can be said once again from this new trailer from TGS 2011. But, what’s most interesting in this new trailer is just how well the characters come to life through their emotions and body language outside their native English language, as this trailer is in Japanese.

It’s not every day that we get to see an English game being translated into Japanese, as we’re quite used to the exact opposite happening. Having the chance to see the main characters in action and not being able to understand the language, but yet, being able to completely understand them through their emotions, shows just how outstanding Irrational Games' character modelling, animations and voice-acting truly is. With the game not due until next year, BioShock: Infinite is looking to polish up to be an outstanding Move title indeed.

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Ichabod said:

In your face, Japan!! Now you've gotta deal with the very, very slight difference in lip movement to voice dubbing....(You gotta admit, English and Japanese use a very similar amount of syllables in any given sentence. lol)

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