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18 New Vita Games to Be Revealed at Tokyo Games Show

Posted by James Newton

What could they be?

Mid-September heralds the arrival of Tokyo Games Show, one of the calendar's biggest annual gaming events. This year Sony's pledging to go all-out, showing off no fewer than 31 games for Vita.

Only 13 games have been announced so far, leaving 18 as-yet unknown titles heading for a big reveal in two weeks' time. Here's the list of games we know are going to be there:

That leaves a further 18 games we know nothing about. Let us know what you're hoping for in the comments below.


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gamrgod5 said:

Whoa, 18 games! The 3DS is really doomed now! Especially when those Mario games come out. Most of those games I haven't even heard of.



Slapshot said:

@gamrgod5 I wouldn't say that the 3DS is doomed, but I will say that Vita's games line-up just seems to become more impressive with each update. I think both systems will do well in the market.



hamispink said:

@geofri1997 what are the game you pre-ordered?
I would like to see something announced from sucker punch, be it a new infamous or a new IP, but I suppose its still early to announce anything from them.




littlebigplanet said:

IF we're talking 1st party I hope to see:
-Twisted Metal

  • Ratchet and Clank
    maybe a new Heavy Rain??
    as for 3rd party, if they REALLY want to impress, they should mention GTA.

All I know is that I'll be there launch day to buy Little Big Vita, and Uncharted... and hopefully Killzone will be a launch title...

@slapshot Yea, I agree. The Vita and 3DS are 2 COMPLETELY different gaming machines. They have different target audiences, and so on. They'll both sell exceptionally well. I think that 3DS and PSV should be focused on killing the gaming-phone fad



Magi said:

The Vita needs a groovy RPG or two as release titles. Other than that, I'm impressed with the shear quantity of decent or better games that are being released with it. My time spent with my 3DS looks to drop significantly when the Vita is finally available for purchase in the States.



J-Forest-Esq said:

They're certainly pulling out all the stops, not to mention the notes in my wallet. As Magi says though, I would like a groovy RPG.



Strider_Hiryu said:

I wonder how many of those 18 titles will actually be relevant. There are some pretty big names in this preliminar listing and I don't think there'll be many others (maybe just a couple more), while a steady flow of relevant and big budgeted titles would be needed in the first years of PS Vita in order to seriously challenge Nintendo.



IrishYort said:

Not sure why Ridge, Hot Shots, Asphalt and Dynasty needed a mention. I mean really, they have been on the release list of every console since their conceptions. I think if we all say "those 4 as per usual", everyone will be able to guess wont they lol.

In saying that, this is a pretty weak list so far. I assume @gamrgod5 was being sarcastic, as this list will hardly put a scratch in any Mario game, and he's right! Release those 2 upcomong Mario games vs this list, 3DS will kill it! Lets hope for a grand remaining 18 games, and lets hope they're all released in the 1st week of the VITA release!!! =)



pikku said:

I do wonder how much each of these games will cost though.

$60 for a handheld game? I don't think so, sony >.>



Slapshot said:

I've got a leaked list that may, or may not, actually be real, but if it is, it's got well over 100 Vita games that could possibly be coming. Let me just say that if it's real, Vita will be beyond awesome in less than a year or so!

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