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This Champion Jockey Video is Too Good for Words

Posted by James Newton

Sit back and enjoy

Champion Jockey will make use of PlayStation Move when it launches next month, but how? Let this video answer all your questions.

Interestingly the video shows two Move controllers are used, one of the few games to do so, though we'd hope a single controller option is in there too. Even if it's not, this guy sells the double controller method on his own, though he doesn't look quite as daft as he did in the Champion Jockey Kinect video.


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hamispink said:

Very funny post! lol
I couldn't help but notice that during the drive, he won on kinect but got second place with move.
It must be a higher difficulty on move for elite motion control players



Tatsumaru said:

Oh my god, my stomach hurts! HAHAHAHA
This looks so ridiculous, and yet this was so entertaining!
The game will sure as hell sucks, but at least they put up a good show!



Gertmint said:

I'm looking forward to the download content where you get to ride an Ass.

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