Having worked closely with the PlayStation platform holder for over ten years, it's back to business as usual for Sucker Punch now that the deal has been made public.

“I don’t think it will have much of an effect on our day-to-day operations,” co-founder Chris Zimmerman told GameSpot.

“Everyone that’s been here for the past dozen years is still here; we still have the same goals in mind. We’re still working on the same things. So the day-to-day isn’t going to change, I think. We’re expecting this is going to put us in a position where we can continue to work on innovative genre-defining content.

“That’s kind of why we’re doing this. And we’ve been in that position before, and we think we’re going to continue to be in that position.”

Sucker Punch has been working on the inFamous franchise since 2007, and has released two entries in the series during that time. Upcoming Sly Cooper sequel, Thieves In Time, is being handled by Sanzaru Games, but Zimmerman reckons they are perfect the job.

“After Sly 3 was done, we started working on InFamous. And it took us a long time because we were part of the process with Sony of looking for studios that might be able to take over the Sly Cooper franchise. And it wasn’t until Sony made contact with Sanzaru that we knew that we’ve found the right fit,” he said.

“They were super, super passionate about Sly Cooper. You could tell that they really got it. They knew what made it special and had their own ideas about where it ought to go. And for us that’s super exciting. It’s really neat to make the video games and know how many millions of people play them and enjoy them.”

You can see just how loyal Sanzaru's treating the Sly Cooper franchise in a brand-new trailer through here.

With Sly Cooper in new hands and inFamous more-or-less wrapped up, we'll be interested to see where Sucker Punch go next. We suppose a new inFamous is possible, but we wouldn't mind seeing the studio doing something new either. Either way, it's great that they are finally part of the family.