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SEGA Serves Up a Slice of Virtua Tennis on Vita

Posted by James Newton

Looks ace

SEGA's preparing to continue its rally with tennis games on portable PlayStations: PSP received Virtua Tennis World Tour and Virtua Tennis 3, and next year we'll see Virtua Tennis 4 come to PlayStation Vita.

As you can see from the fresh set of new screenshots and trailer below, the game is shaping up very nicely indeed, with a strange mode taking on the sepia tones of the past to bring back memories of when lawn tennis was a leisurely sport of good manners, flat caps and cucumber sandwiches, before all the grunting and sponsorship of the modern age. There's also a futuristic mode, where presumably everyone wears body armour and the action is all in your imagination.

Game Screenshots

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DrCruse said:

Looks like it'll be the definitive Tennis game on a handheld.

It's got saturated colors, which is always a plus.



Strider_Hiryu said:

Very attractive, but I'm wondering if SEGA will even bother bringing something new to the table. The series has been stale since ep. 3, and touch controls may not be the answer we search for (Kinect and Move weren't either). Maybe classic matches are? Anyway, another thing that doesn't resonate with me is the GUI design, which has basically stood unaltered from the Dreamcast era... Not good.



Magi said:

Some of those screenies look like they'd be straight out of Fallout: Virtua Tennis.

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