New genre specific districts will be complimented by a new 'Hub' system — the entrance into PlayStation Home's new world. The aim is to make Sony's digital platform less of a sophisticated chat-room, and more of a connected video game platform. Responding to criticism that there's nothing to do in Home, Sony is looking to implement new MMO-inspired quests, in addition many more games. The platform holder has said that it wants to bombard users with content.

Posting on the North American PlayStation Blog, Home gaffer Jack Buser has given users a first look at the new PlayStation Home. Above is an image of the 'Hub', the space that will ultimately replace the Home Plaza. As you can see from the image, the space is much cleaner and more futuristic than the current PlayStation Home, with a minigame called Cogs accessible in the centre, and what looks like a pool-hall to the left.

Eagle-eyed readers will note that the screenshot is not a million miles away from a leaked piece of artwork we posted way back in March. Spot the difference.

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