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Disgaea 3 Returns to PlayStation Vita

Posted by James Newton

You can really be the hero

Nippon Ichi's acclaimed RPG series Disgaea has been a PlayStation staple for years, and that's set to continue as the company has announced it's bringing Disgaea 3 Return to the portable.

The game will be an improved conversion of the PS3 original, and even includes all the downloadable content preloaded on the game card. According to AndriaSang, the game will be available at the Vita launch in Japan at least, but no word yet on a Western release.

Here's the official trailer below to whet your appetite.


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Dynetheous said:

This looks like a good game, tho i never played any of the disgaea's games before



Scissors said:

Hmm.. I was planning on picking up Disgaea 4 for PS3 as my first Disgaea game, but now I might get this instead.



Strider_Hiryu said:

Good thinking, Scissors. The two games are very similar at their core, so you would get a proper idea of the franchise (which is crazy fun) while feeding your brand new Vita with a very good - and lasting - game.



MisuCake said:

Now I don't need to buy a PS3.
Now just port Disgaea 4 over to the Vita as well and I'll be a very happy person.



Rambo-Hamster said:

I loved Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP, so I can't wait for this one. Plus, with all the DLC on the card (valued at over $50.00 on the PS Store) this looks like it could be in the top 3 games I pick up first

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